Mastitis and natural-feeding

ChildSymptoms of mastitis breastMASTITIS BREAST often occurs in lactating moms, specifically 1-st-time mothers. In the construction of mastitis microorganisms play an great role, mainly staphylococci, which penetrate through the crack in the lactating gland nipple. Mastitis seen a sudden rise in body temperature to 38.5-39C, pain in the fresh. The contours of the breast preserved, a facial skin over it is not changed.On the surface, mastitis, when marked redness and soreness of a individual parts of a face, and with a feeling gland deep in her strongly there formed the focus of inflammation, fresh-feeding can be continued, putting a baby to warm well-being. Warm natural milk from sick to express, but the baby did not give it because of a possibility of contamination by bacterial infection.In case of further construction of mastitis, when the mammary gland begins to be determined much painful part of seals, fresh-feeding want be stopped temporarily because In a natural milk of sick cancer is detected admixture of pus may penetrate a pathogen in milk from healthy natural. Continue natural feeding is permitted (if preserved natural milk) following complete recovery, better following bacteriological examination of milk, which will be installed in a absence of its bacterial flora.Weekly self massage gland prevents stagnation of milk. Most easily perform samomassazh as follows: the right hand of the raised mitt is lowered down, with a palm of the left mitt is carried out by light pressing the inner surface of the right shoulder, armpit, then a lateral surface of a chest, near a bottom and under the breast gland, face lifting its upper. Then he transferred his hand above his chest, pressed it under a collarbone and hold an arc on a left position of a warm. Do not massotherapy a nipple space. In the same way, changing the position of the hands, held the second fresh self-massage.Belated or incorrect medication of mastitis facilitates the progression of a process. Mammary gland enlarges, a facial skin lesions complete the fire red. Celebrating headaches, insomnia, chills, fatigue, fever up to 39-40C.If the initial therapy does not bring a good effect, cultivating an abscess. In this condition is deteriorating, a temperature rises to 38-40C, tongue and lips are dry. There insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite, pale skin, mammary gland is enlarged. The face over the fire is red, often has a bluish tint. A nipple is usually retracted saphenous veins dilated.A chronic form of fresh mastitis is rare. It occurs later long-term topical therapy of penicillin injections, ofttimes of the purulent mastitis. A condition of patients is frequently satisfactory, the aging body temperature does not 37,5-37,70 C or above ordinary. In palpable natural induration, not welded to the skin and maloboleznennoe.Phase of mastitisDepending on the stage of building, there are three periods of mastitis: serous, purulent and infiltrative. Serous stage of mastitis shows big rise in temperature, a deterioration of a basic condition. A mammary gland is sealed, increases in amount, increases pain in it, especially when feeding and breast pumps.With delayed therapy serous mastitis within 1-3 days goes into infiltrative phase. To avoid this, it is required at a 1st signs of stagnation of milk, engorgement of the warm and a occurrence of seals applied to the iron ice pack and express your milk however potential. When you use coldness natural milk easier expectoration, resolves seal. You can apply massage of a breast, which is held with the outskirts to a nipple.To improve a discharge of milk for coldness compresses and ice, you can wrap the natural earlier decanting sweet alder leaves or mint. If there is no recent leaves can be used very dry, wrapped in gauze and pre-soaked for 1-2 minutes in boiling aqua.  Similar Care of a child.articles:Child. Balneum a child in the grassChildBaby service. MastitisChildMoms. Fall hair following childbirthChild.

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