Attention of a baby. Lepim and draw

ChildFrom 9 months It is possible to start a game, which so go into modeling, applique, drawing. Show your baby so to carry crayons or markers on a large sheet of paper. Dipping hands into special baby non-toxic paint, give the opportunity to smear a crumbs from under the sheet, a reasonable piece of cloth or one's own body (if you are concerned for a cleanliness of a home, play with a colors in a washroom - and with tiles, and the artist you can be immediately washed off with heartwarming shower).Pick up a cake out of the test or clay, and install toddler on his lap, stuck in her curly spaghetti, beans, nuts, stones: a child will be happy to select out them. Unscrew the lid, put in a pan of chopped fresh vegetables for bisque, to lift off a wood floor and put on the chair or in a especial box of matches, toothpicks, or bean, sort done large buttons, throw in a basket of walnuts or cotton balls - all of these activities train a hands and very addicting kids, specifically if the mom is setting an example.A building of a child in 9 weeksThe progress of a newborn in 9 monthsWhat may a baby in 9 monthsChild development at 10 monthsNewborn building at 11 weeksDevelopment of a newborn under 1 yearCalendar of newborn buildingEarly Newborn Development   Child leaving. Same Child.articles:Care of a baby. Immunity in BabiesNewbornChild. Читать полностью -->

Vitamin for nursing

ChildYou breastfeed? Take leaving of the food, pick up exceptional vitamins complexes for nursing moms. If you are going to decorate breastfeeding, the specialist will recommend what combination of vitamins will help the child good cope with the transition to the adult food. Treat as a tonic to the assistants. After all, you enjoy one goal - the baby was healthy.Vitamin for childrenSources of vitamin for childrenVitamin for kids from 2 years   Similar posts:Newborn. Child 4 monthsBabyChild service. Can a nursing mother persimmonNewbornChild. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. When to input solid foods

BabyOn as well a child will be fed in a first year of your, depends on his hygiene and his relationship with meal in the next. However nurture a real connoisseur of healthy meal!Extremely tasty and wholesome meal for a baby for the 1st six weeks of life is my mother's natural milk. If for about cause the mother can not breastfeed, he has adapted to get a high-property blend. But there comes a time when a growing aging body demands, and other fresh food.You will recognize that it is time to input solid foods for several best key criteria: interest in fresh food adult, the ability to confidently sit, the person of a 1st tooth. However, it's time to Think about it approximately how to introduce solid foods to the baby.  Mums. Alike posts:Mums. Читать полностью -->

Mastitis and natural-feeding

ChildSymptoms of mastitis breastMASTITIS BREAST often occurs in lactating moms, specifically 1-st-time mothers. In the construction of mastitis microorganisms play an great role, mainly staphylococci, which penetrate through the crack in the lactating gland nipple. Mastitis seen a sudden rise in body temperature to 38.5-39C, pain in the fresh. The contours of the breast preserved, a facial skin over it is not changed.On the surface, mastitis, when marked redness and soreness of a individual parts of a face, and with a feeling gland deep in her strongly there formed the focus of inflammation, fresh-feeding can be continued, putting a baby to warm well-being. Warm natural milk from sick to express, but the baby did not give it because of a possibility of contamination by bacterial infection.In case of further construction of mastitis, when the mammary gland begins to be determined much painful part of seals, fresh-feeding want be stopped temporarily because In a natural milk of sick cancer is detected admixture of pus may penetrate a pathogen in milk from healthy natural. Continue natural feeding is permitted (if preserved natural milk) following complete recovery, better following bacteriological examination of milk, which will be installed in a absence of its bacterial flora.Weekly self massage gland prevents stagnation of milk. Читать полностью -->

Baby service. A harm of smoking while breast-feeding

NewbornWe constantly growing number of women smokers. What may be said at this point the physician? Tobacco contains nicotine - a substance which is toxic to a aging body, since it adversely affects the heart and vessels. In the small capacity of nicotine effect is manifested only at a first zakurivanii later the aging body gets used to the poison, and it takes an increasing amount. To infinity, of course, increase the quantity of nicotine administered is impossible, so that at certain concentrations may occur nicotinism.Smoking also brings other damage. If instead of fresh air to inhale a fume into the lungs, the pulmonary vesicles (alveoli) will contain more fume than air. Fume contains carbon dioxide, kootraya in conjunction with a dye of red blood cells will carboxyhemoglobin. Читать полностью -->

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